Personalised gifts for a babies

Okay, your best friend is going to give birth. Or you're going to be a grandmother. And you don't want to arrive with a standard gift they already have. Then a personalised gift for the baby is a really original idea! It's a fun way to congratulate your family and friends with a gift that has your name and date of birth on it. That really makes it unique and you will score points with that! We understand how important it is to give a unique gift. To help you choose a personalised gift, we have written down the most important information. Good luck in your search.

When to give a baby a personalised gift?

When to buy a personalised gift for a baby might depend on your personal relationship with the baby and/or family and the occasion at hand. These are the most common occasions to give a personalised gift: World of Mies gift with name:

  • Birth: Giving a personalised gift at the birth of a baby is a popular tradition. It is a special way to celebrate the baby's arrival and congratulate the parents. In this case, you could probably consider a personalised gift for every new baby in your circle of family or friends. You do have to wait a while for the name in this case, so you can only order it after the birth.
  • The baby shower: Baby showers are a great opportunity to surprise the parents-to-be with personalised gifts. However, the name is often not known yet. What can therefore be done is to give a gift voucher or create a wish list in advance, where the parents can choose a personalised gift.
  • Baptism or naming ceremonies: Religious or cultural celebrations such as baptisms or naming ceremonies are also occasions when you can consider a personalised gift for a baby. Adding the baby's name on a cup, plate or box is a nice gesture.
  • Birthdays and milestones: As the baby grows, there are countless birthdays and milestones to celebrate. It can be nice to give a personalised gift for the first or second birthday. A personalised plate, chair or a growth chart with the baby's name on it are gifts that will last a lifetime and create memories.

Any gift chosen with love and care is sure to be appreciated, whether personalised or not. Mies also has many non-personalised gifts that can be given for any time. A soft hydrophilic cloth, teething blanket or baby blanket is a top gift!

Why give a baby a personalised gift?

A personalised gift for babies is fun for a few different reasons:
Personalised growth markers with name

  • It's unique: A personalised gift is a unique gift designed especially for the baby. By adding the baby's name or writing a personal message, you make the gift extra special and stand out from other gifts. It shows that you have invested time and effort to create something special.
  • It has emotional value: Personalised gifts often have a deeper emotional value. Adding the baby's name makes the gift personal and connected to their identity. It can create a sense of pride when they grow up and see their own name on the gift.
  • A lasting memory: A personalised gift can be a lasting memory for both the parents and the baby. It can hold a special place in the baby's room or in the child's life. Every time the gift is seen or used, it will evoke memories of the person who gave it and the special occasion for which the gift was intended. A memory box with name is of course perfect in this case because you can keep memories in it.
  • It can be very practical: Personalised gifts can be not only beautiful and sentimental, but also practical and functional. Think, for example, of personalised baby clothes, blankets, chairs or crockery. These items are often used daily and personalising them adds extra meaning.

In short, a personalised gift for babies is fun because it can be unique, emotionally valuable, a lasting memory and practical.

What are the most common personalised gifts for babies?

When it comes to personalised gifts for babies, there are several types of products that are commonly given. These are the common products that are popular in personalised gifts for babies:

  • Clothing: Personalised baby clothing is a favourite choice. These can range from rompers, onesies, T-shirts, hats to bibs.
  • Soft toys: Personalised soft toys are also popular. Think teddy bears, cuddly bunnies, plush animals or dolls.
  • Blankets: Personalised blankets are both practical and sentimental. Soft fleece blankets or knitted blankets can be personalised with the baby's name or initials. Mies also has non-personalised blankets.
  • Books: Personalised children's books are a great way to incorporate the baby's name into a story.
  • Jewellery: Personalised jewellery for babies is popular as a gift for special occasions such as christening or birthday. Think engraved bracelets, necklaces, charms or name rings specially designed for babies.T

hese are just a few examples of common products in personalised gifts for babies. Of course, there are also more original personalised gifts, where you really steal the show!


With an original personalised gift for babies, of course, you will really impress. Here are some ideas for original personalised gifts for babies:

  • Personalised baby plates and/or cups: Choose a fun design with animals for a lasting, but also very practical gift. Mies now has more than 30 designs of various animals and colours to choose from. You can even request a custom design with animal. Of course, the name and date can be nicely printed on the product. See all personalised plates and cups from Mies here.
  • Personalised children's chairs: A personalised children's chair is a unique piece of furniture for children. It can be customised with the child's name, date and a favourite theme based on World of Mies's animal designs. It creates a fun cosy place for children to play. Check out all personalised baby chairs here.
  • Personalised growth chart: A personalised growth chart is a unique decorative and practical item to keep track of children's growth. It can be customised with the child's name and date of birth and with special animal designs. It can be made of wood, textile or a sticker. World of Mies's textile growth gauges allow parents and children to track and write down length milestones together. Mies has several growth meters with name, you can always ask for a different animal to use.
  • Personalised memory boxes: A wooden personalised memory box is a beautiful and meaningful gift to keep precious memories in. It can be customised with the name, an animal and special details that suit the baby or family. The beautiful wooden box and the gorgeous crisp print, printed in the Netherlands, makes for a super pretty whole. This keepsake box is perfect for storing photos, letters, clothes, souvenirs and other precious items to be treasured.
  • Personalised birth posters: Create a special poster with all the baby's birth details, such as name, date of birth, time, weight and height. This unique piece of art can be framed and serve as a lasting reminder of the birth. At Mies, you can specify a name and date when purchasing an A3 animal poster.
  • Remember, the most important thing when choosing an original personalised gift for babies is to find something that suits the personality and style of the parents and the child, and has lasting meaning. Showing care and consideration in selecting the gift is always appreciated.


The amount you can spend on a personalised gift for a baby can vary and, of course, depends on your own budget and your relationship with the baby and parents of the baby. There are options available in different price ranges, so you can find something that is both affordable and special. Also at Mies, you can order a personalised poster or mug from as little as 25 euros. In addition, at World of Mies you can also order a maternity gift package with a personalised gift or, of course, a gift voucher. Below are the different gifts per price range available at World of Mies:

Personalised gifts from €25-50

  • Poster with name - €24.95
  • Mug with name - €25,95
  • Children's plate with name - €28.50
  • Growth chart with name - €42.50

Personalised gifts from €50-100

  • Small maternity gift package - €50
  • Memory box with name - €54,95
  • Chair with name - €64,95
  • Christening gift package medium - €75
  • Picnic blanket with name - €79,95
  • Maternity gift package large - €100

It's important to remember that it's not always about the price, but the thought and meaning behind the gift.

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