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A sustainable school collection

Only 1 more week to go! And then the summer holidays here are sadly over again. We had a great time, visited great places and enjoyed beautiful weather. As far as I am concerned, it could have lasted a bit longer, but of course they are looking forward to it again soon. Especially when Julie, Luca & Sam discover the fantastic new school collection from Mies to Go! School cases and backpacks with unique hand-painted prints and made of 100% recycled PET bottles. Our interest is piqued!

Mies to Go rugzak kids schooltas kinderrugzak rugzakje flamingo octopus gerecyclede PET duurzaam schoolcollectie back to school schoolspullen 
Mies to Go rugzak kinderrugzak schooltas back to school etui schoolcollectie school kleuterschool kleuter cadeautip
The creative face behind Mies to Go is Michelle, she has been creating hand-painted designs for kids since 2017 and her collection continues to grow. With a background as Art Director, she started painting which eventually resulted in a beautiful webshop full of personalised items like plates, cups and posters. Since then, her online store has expanded to include growth meters, backpacks, cards and wall stickers. Her wish? To make babies and their mums and dads happy with the (animal) prints she has painted!
Mies to Go rugzak rugzakje schooltas giraf luipaard schoolspullen back to school gerecyclede PET duurzaam

And so now a super cool school collection has been added to that! I don't know about you, but our kids love animals. From tigers to flamingos, an animal print is always a hit. On the new backpacks from Mies to Go you will find 4 different prints: giraffes, leopards, flamingos or a bag full of octopuses. All hand-painted by Mies and made in small batches, so each item remains unique and authentic. A true work of art!
Mies to Go rugzak schooltas rugzakje kinderrugzak flamingo giraf gerecyclede PET duurzaam back to school schoolspullen
Mies to Go rugzak schooltas kinderrugzak flamingo gerecycled PET kleuter peuter kleuterschool cadeautip kind

Julie immediately opts for the backpack with flamingos, rainbows and tropical decorations. This keeps her in the summer mood! The back is light pink and the colour continues in the handles. The lining is also very cool, namely pink with jungle flowers and leaves. What she thinks is totally cool? That she can write her name inside! Sam goes for the cool leopards, the yellow back and faux leather details make this bag very original. Cool to give as a gift to someone! Make it complete with a matching pouch, for which a set price (EUR 31.50) is available.
Mies to Go kinderrugzak rugzak rugtas schooltas back to school luipaard leopard backpack kids kleuter peuter kleuterschool back to school cadeautip kind
Mies to Go etui flamingo octopus giraf duurzaam gerecyclede PET schoolspullen toilettas pouch bag in bag kids

When you think of sustainable, you often think of higher prices, but Michelle proves that this is not always the case. She makes her sustainable collection affordable and therefore available to everyone. Extra fun: during the back-to-school period, you get the matching pencil case for free! This promotion runs until 4 September.(Offer expired)

Order your cool backpack and matching pencil case at Mies to Go in time. Happy new school year!

You can find the school collection HERE!

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